Tremco - Roof repairs, waterproofing and painting

Tremco (our Google site) specialists in roof repairs, waterproofing and painting of all types of roofs (zinc roofs, tile roofs, flat and concrete slab roofs) as well as the painting of exterior and interior walls of all types of property (residential, commercial and industrial buildings). 

As a roofing contractor, we undertake roof repairs on all types of roofs. This includes upright zinc, flat zinc, tile, as well as concrete slab roofs. We also undertake the total replacement and construction of new roofs. No contract is too small or too big.

Roof repairs on Harvey tile roof
Roof repairs on Harvey tile roof 

Roof repairs completed Harvey tile roof
Roof repairs completed Harvey tile roof 

Waterproofing is undertaken on balconies, basements and showers. It is one of our specialities to attend to the waterproofing of concrete roofs.

Broken tiles and unsealed tile roof

Waterproofing tile roof
Waterproofing and painting of tile roof

Damp-proofing of problem areas on interior and exterior walls. Painting of these walls with high-quality paint leaves you with the protection of your property for years to come. 

Damp proofing and painting on the way
Damp-proofing and painting on the way

Damp proofing and painting
Damp-proofing and painting

We are in the industry for over 30 years with an excellent track and service record. 
Here at Tremco we do it right. Visit https://tremco.co.za OR Call 0732708270

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